Custom Peptide Synthesis

Unleash the Power of Peptides with Boston Molecules’ Expert Synthesis Services

Boston Molecules, your trusted partner for peptide synthesis, boasts a state-of-the-art facility exceeding 400,000 sq ft. Equipped with advanced peptide synthesizers, HPLCs, and mass spectrometers, we have the capacity to deliver over 10,000 unique peptides per month.

From Design to Delivery, We Offer a Comprehensive Portfolio:

  • Expert Peptide Sequence Design: Let our experienced team tailor peptide sequences to your precise specifications, maximizing target affinity and function.
  • Extensive Capabilities: We tackle the full spectrum of peptide synthesis challenges, from simple sequences to complex modifications like conjugation, disulfide bridges, and phosphorylation.
  • Unmatched Quality at Competitive Prices: We pride ourselves on delivering the highest purity peptides at the most affordable rates. Every peptide comes with a complete quality control package, including HPLC and MS analysis, guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Features That Simplify Your Research:

  • Instant Online Quotes: Obtain immediate cost estimates with our convenient pricing tool. Prices start as low as $1.9/AA, with flexibility for modifications, purification, and complex peptides.
  • Scalability: We cater to all research needs, from small-scale projects (1mg) to large-volume production (kg).
  • Customization: Design peptides ranging from 3 to 200 amino acids and choose your desired purity level, from crude (>30%) to highly purified (>98%).
  • Peptide Libraries: Build diverse libraries with a minimum of 24 peptides and benefit from various purity options.

Enhance Your Research Further:

  • Additional Services: Enhance your workflow with optional services like TFA removal, solubility testing, and endotoxin analysis.
  • Detailed Documentation: Rely on certified analysis, HPLC, and MS reports provided for each peptide for complete verification.

Ready to unlock the power of peptides? Contact Boston Molecules today and let our expertise fuel your research.

Standard Peptide Online Quote

    • For batch orders, please email to [email protected].
    • TFA Removal Service is available.Please type “TFA removal Service” and include your desired salt (HCL, formate, or acetate) in the comments section.
    • Please specify the total number of peptides , default quantity  and default purity  in your order to customize this form.

    Please use the code specified on the Amino Acid Code Table. Online form accepts either single-letter code or multiple-letter code. Please place parentheses around each multiple-letter entry.e.g. ARCD(HIS)(LYS)(d-HIS)RRC

    Name Quantity Purity

    Sequence: Please input the sequence directly, or Select Amino Acids

    N-terminus -
    C-terminus - 

    1-Pyrenemethylamine HCLAbz/DNPAbz/Tyr (3-NO2)Amide CyclicBOCBSA ConjugationEDANS/DABCYLKLH ConjugationMCA/DNPmini-PEG1mini-PEG2Myristoylationp-NitroanilideSuccinylationDisulfide Bridge 1st

    Disulfide Bridge:  (Format: 5-12)


    Additional Quote -


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    Mat***erJuly 15, 2021

    The ordering process was incredibly straightforward, and I received my peptides even sooner than I expected. The quality is outstanding, and I’m already seeing promising results in my research.

    N***renaJuly 15, 2021

    I’ve been using Boston Molecules for my peptide needs for years, and their service is consistently excellent. They’re responsive, reliable, and their peptides are always top-notch.

    J***sonJuly 15, 2021

    The ordering process for peptides is as easy as it is for coat proteins. Quick responses and fairly quick turn-around service on suppling me with the products ordered.