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Boston Molecules: Decades of Peptide Synthesis Expertise Made in Waltham, USA

Nestled in Waltham, Massachusetts, Boston Molecules crafts a diverse array of peptides, leveraging over decades of cutting-edge peptide synthesis expertise. From simple, custom sequences to complex, multi-functional molecules, their skilled scientists bring researchers’ visions to life.

Our repertoire of peptide creations encompasses:

  • Standard Peptides: High-purity, off-the-shelf peptides for a variety of research applications.
  • Custom Peptides: Tailored sequences designed to meet researchers’ specific needs and targets.
  • Cyclic Peptides: Conformationally constrained peptides with enhanced stability and potency.
  • Stapled Peptides: Covalently linked peptides with improved stability and resistance to proteolysis.
  • Labeled Peptides: Fluorescent, biotinylated, or radiolabeled peptides for tracking and analyzing interactions.

Beyond the breadth of our offerings, Boston Molecules prioritizes quality and innovation. We commit in:

  • Strict quality control measures: Ensuring every peptide meets the highest standards of purity and activity.
  • Scalable production capabilities: Accommodating research needs from small-scale projects to large-volume manufacturing.
  • Collaborative approach: Working closely with researchers to understand their needs and develop optimal peptide solutions.

By combining leading-edge technology with a profound understanding of peptide science, Boston Molecules empowers researchers across diverse fields to advance their discoveries.

Why Choose Boston Molecules?

  • Decades of proven expertise: Trust our established track record of successful peptide synthesis.
  • Extensive peptide library: Find the perfect pre-designed peptide or collaborate on a custom solution.
  • Unwavering commitment to quality: Rely on our rigorous standards and meticulous quality control.
  • Scalable production: Address your needs, from small-scale research to large-volume manufacturing.
  • Collaborative partnership: Leverage our expertise to achieve your research goals.

Contact Boston Molecules today and unlock the power of peptides for your research.


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