Peptide Synthesis


Boston Molecules provides premium quality of peptide synthesis in our state-of-the-art facility for local Boston biomedical communities and worldwide customers as well. We offer a wide range of peptide services from peptide design to complex peptide modification, from bulk API peptides to high throughput library peptides and peptide array preparation. With a more than 95% peptide synthesis success rate, we are leading in quality control by minimizing batch to batch difference and high reproducibility through an ISO-certified comprehensive Quality Management System.

Peptide Services

Peptide Applications

  • Epitope mapping
  • Monoclonal and polyclonal antibody production
  • Identification/synthesis of posttranslational modifications
  • Enzyme specificity and enzymatic mechanisms
  • Biological effects of defined peptides
  • Blocking and competition assays of proteases
  • Non-quantitative enzyme-substrate studies
  • Structure, dynamics, and folding of peptides and proteins via NMR
  • New techniques for separation by chromatography/electrophoresis
  • Antibody-antigen interactions
  • Immunization and quantitative receptor-ligand interactions
  • ELISA standards for measuring titers of antibodies
  • Non-quantitative peptide blocking studies}


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  • Start as low as $1.9/AA. Modifications, purified peptides, or difficult peptides may incur additional costs. Discounts are available for large-scale peptide synthesis.
  • Quantities from 1 mg to kg; Purity from Crude to 99%
  • Peptide sequences may range in length from 3–200 amino acids
  • Peptide-Protein Conjugation; Multiple Disulfide Bridges;
  • Phosphorylated / sulfated peptides
  • Peptide modification with C-terminal Biotin, AMC, Aldehyde, CMK
  • Chromogenic / Fluorogenic Substrates; Solid Phase/Solution Phase
  • For crude peptide libraries, we guarantee a purity >30%. Depending on the peptide sequence, crude purity can be as high as 80%
  • For purified peptide libraries, we offer various purity levels: >70%, >80%, and up to 98%
    Peptide sequences may range in length from 3–20 amino acids

Resource – Amino Acid Codes

Boston Molecules provides multiple peptide synthesis services with natural amino acids. To request our custom peptides and peptide library services through our online ordering system, please refer to the following table of amino acid codes below. You can use either the single or multiple letter codes, but make sure to include braces if using the multiple code.

Name Single Letter Code Multiple Letter Code D-Amino Acid Code
Alanine A {ALA} {d-ALA}
Arginine R {ARG} {d-ARG}
Asparagine N {ASN} {d-ASN}
Aspartic Acid D {ASP} {d-ASP}
Cysteine C {CYS} {d-CYS}
Glutamic Acid E {GLU} {d-GLU}
Glutamine Q {GLN} {d-GLN}
Glycine G {GLY}
Homocysteine {HCY} {d-HCY}
Histidine H {HIS} {d-HIS}
Homoserine {HSE} {d-HSE}
Isoleucine I {ILE} {d-ILE}
Leucine L {LEU} {d-LEU}
Lysine K {LYS} {d-LYS}
Methionine M {MET} {d-MET}
Norleucine {NLE} {d-NLE}
Norvaline {NVA} {d-NVA}
Ornithine {ORN} {d-ORN}
Penicillamine {PEN} {d-PEN}
Phenylalanine F {PHE} {d-PHE}
Proline P {PRO} {d-PRO}
Serine S {SER} {d-SER}
Threonine T {THR} {d-THR}
Tryptophan W {TRP} {d-TRP}
Tyrosine Y {TYR} {d-TYR}
Valine V {VAL} {d-VAL}
Pyroglutamate {pGLU} {d-pGLU}
Dinitrobenzylation (LYS) {Lys(Dnp)}
Phosphorylation (THR) {pTHR}
Phosphorylation (SER) {pSER}
Phosphorylation (TYR) {pTYR}

Standard Peptide Online Quote

    • For batch orders, please email to [email protected].
    • TFA Removal Service is available.Please type “TFA removal Service” and include your desired salt (HCL, formate, or acetate) in the comments section.
    • Please specify the total number of peptides , default quantity  and default purity  in your order to customize this form.

    Please use the code specified on the Amino Acid Code Table. Online form accepts either single-letter code or multiple-letter code. Please place parentheses around each multiple-letter entry.e.g. ARCD(HIS)(LYS)(d-HIS)RRC

    Name Quantity Purity

    Sequence: Please input the sequence directly, or Select Amino Acids

    N-terminus -
    C-terminus - 

    1-Pyrenemethylamine HCLAbz/DNPAbz/Tyr (3-NO2)Amide CyclicBOCBSA ConjugationEDANS/DABCYLKLH ConjugationMCA/DNPmini-PEG1mini-PEG2Myristoylationp-NitroanilideSuccinylationDisulfide Bridge 1st

    Disulfide Bridge:  (Format: 5-12)


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