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high quality, flexible, cost-effective expression in HEK293, E.coli, Baculovirus-insect platforms

Boston Molecules: Leader in Recombinant Protein Production

Technology & Expertise:

  • Proprietary recombinant protein technology for consistent, high-quality production.
  • Extensive experience with proteins of human, murine, and rat origin (and beyond).
  • Broad catalog encompassing:
    • Growth Factors & Cytokines
    • Chemokines
    • Neurotrophins
    • Proteases
    • Animal-Free Recombinant Proteins
    • Other Miscellaneous Proteins

Superior Features:

  • HEK293 mammalian expression platform for superior protein folding and functionality.
  • Chaperone-assisted protein expression technology ensures proper conformation and activity.
  • Precise disulfide bonding and N-linked glycosylation for maximum biological relevance.
  • Exceptionally low endotoxin levels (<0.10 EU/μg protein) for enhanced purity and safety.
  • Tag-free Protein Purification preserves natural structure and function.
  • Significantly higher activity (5-10 times higher) compared to competitors like R&D Systems and PeproTech.

Benefits for Researchers:

  • Reliable access to a wide range of high-quality recombinant proteins.
  • Reduced experimental variability through improved protein integrity and activity.
  • Streamlined research through convenient ready-to-use formats.
  • Unparalleled support from our team of protein experts.

Partner with Boston Molecules for your research needs and experience the difference of exceptional recombinant protein quality.



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