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Founded in Boston, BostonMolecules Inc. is committed to providing exceptional product quality and unsurpassed customer services. Through scientific innovation and customer Co-evolution of trust and dependence, we are shaping the landscape of biomedical research.

With over 20 years of experience in developing custom antibodies, proteins and peptides, we provides a comprehensive service program that covers monoclonal antibody development from mouse hybridoma technology to rabbit B-cells cloning technology; Protein Services from recombinant protein production to downstream protein Crystallography; Peptide services from peptide synthesis, labeling, peptide library and GMP peptide. Our unique and powerful bioinformatics services support data analysis from variant discovery (SNP & Indel), Exome Sequencing Analysis, Differential Gene Expression analysis, RNA seq data analysis, and epigenetic discovery.


Boston MoleculesTM is a leading custom antibody developer facilitated...


Boston Molecules has finalized the configuration of its ZyaltTM...

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