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Boston Molecules is a leading custom antibody developer facilitated with cutting edge technologies and innovations. Our B-cell cloning antibody platform is emerging as the world’s best monoclonal antibody development strategies that outperformed traditional hybridoma technologies by more than 10 fold increase of positive colony numbers and superior affinities in selected antibodies. Cohesive with our Bioinformatics scientists and Crystallography scientists, our custom antibody services deliver >95% successful projects by guaranteed antibody development strategies including antigen 3D structure prediction and homologous sequence exclusions.


  • Cutting edge B-Cell cloning technologies
  • >95% successful rate
  • From DNA seqence to antibody development one-stop service
  • High stable antibody ready for functional assay (Recombinant antibody)
  • Fast turnaround (90 days delivery of monoclonal antibody)
  • High throughput (Screening >100M single B cells)
  • High ratio of positive clones (>30% positive clones)
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  • Guaranteed packages
    • Western blot guaranteed packages
    • Elisa guaranteed packages
    • IHC guaranteed packages
    • IP guaranteed packages




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  • If you are not sure which antibody service to choose, please send an email to technical specialist will contact you within 24hrs to discuss your project details and identify the best service choices for you.
  • Orders can be placed by phone,email,fax, or online with a formal Purchase Order or credit card.
  • Please send your samples to Boston Molecules Inc. 24 Denby Rd, Boston, MA 02134, USA
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