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Peptide Library is one of the most widely used tools that contains systematic combination of different amino acids. It works as a very efficient and powerful tool for drug designing. In addition, it can also analyze interaction between proteins and is also used as tool for other biochemical and pharmaceutical applications.

Boston Molecules provides peptide library services. A peptide library can be Alanine scanning library, Positional library, random, scramble, or T-Cell library. In Alanine library the peptides are systematically substituted and used in the amino acids to identify epitope activities. In case of positional library the selected position is replaced with multiple amino acids. It shows the effect on such amino acid on a particular position. Truncation library predicts the minimum length of the amino acid for epitope activities. Random library is generated by substituting position on original peptide at random. Scramble library is constructed through permutations on original peptide sequences. T-cell truncated peptide libraries are created allowing testing of all types on the protein selected.

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  • 1-Pyrenemethylamine HCL
  • Abz/DNP
  • Abz/Tyr (3-NO2)
  • Amide Cyclic
  • BOC
  • BSA Conjugation
  • KLH Conjugation
  • mini-PEG1
  • mini-PEG2
  • Myristoylation
  • p-Nitroanilide
  • Succinylation
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