Boston Molecules

Bioinformatics Services

Boston MoleculesTM is an expert company with many years of professional experience and methodological know-how in bioinformatics, specifically in experimental design and data analysis in massive scale Genomics, omics, microbiome, sensor, and phenotypic data types.  

We provides services from experimental design to bioinformatic and biostatistical analysis of large high-throughput sequencing data. By identifying key features amongst large amounts of data in a variety of fields - drug discovery, healthcare diagnostics, animal research, environmental studies, and many more, we offer fully customized data analysis services with publication-ready statistics, tables, and figures tailored to the requirements of our clients. 






  • Quality check and preprocessing

  • De Novo Assembly

  • Mapping & Variance Analysis

  • RNAseq analysis

  • Chip Seq analysis

  • Single cell RNA Seq

  • Transcriptome Analysis

  • Amplicon Variance Analysis

  • Epigenetic analysis

  • BLAST Analysis

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